Privacy Policy

Update date:  2020-10-01

Effective date: 2020-10-01


The privacy policy is bound to WOLFINANCE TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO., LIMITED ((the company)” and individuals or companies that have registered on the application - WOLFINANCE (the “Partner”) and have explicitly accepted these terms and conditions.


General Privacy Policy Statement (Overview)

WOLFINANCE attaches great importance to the user's information confidentiality, data protection and data security. It is very important for us to permanently protect the security and confidentiality of your personal information (such as name, user name, identification information, email address and phone number). Within the following terms, we will explain to you the type and scope of our collection, processing and use of personal information. This privacy policy only addresses our application and its sub-pages and does not apply to any third-party websites. If you access the website of a third-party website through a link, please review the corresponding website's privacy policy and understand how it handles your data.


User information collection and processing

1. User information collection


In order to provide or optimize our services, when you retrieve content from our application, usage data is stored on the WOLFINANCE server, such as your IP address (in anonymous form), web browsers, internet providers, your search, and the country where this page was located. You can find more instructions in Sections 8, 9 and 10 of this Privacy Policy.


2. Collection of personal information of WOLFINANCE users


In principle, you do not need to tell us any of your personal information (such as your name, identity information, address, telephone number or e-mail address, etc.) unless you voluntarily provide us with this information (for example, by mail or by completing the registration form or contact form). When you either register for the WOLFINANCE account, subscribe to the newsletter service, or wish to use the additional services provided on our application, we will ask you to provide relevant personal information. Unless otherwise specified, we will use the collected information to provide, maintain, protect, and improve our application and services in order to provide you with a better user experience, subject to compliance to relevant laws and regulation. When you register for the WOLFINANCE account, subscribe to the newsletter service or wish to use the additional services provided by our application, we will collect the following information:








date of birth


email address




telephone number


3. Collecting information on trader strategies


This is, in the main the trade signals received from traders which will be used to formulate strategies.


Following the WOLFINANCE trader review process, we will collect the following information data from users who want to become WOLFINANCE traders:


Company (optional)


personal I.D


Bank card


Street number


Postal code




telephone number


cellphone number


Visibility of personal information for other users

In principle, your personal information is invisible to other users. However please be aware, for limited information, there are two exceptions:


1. Trader's Information Visibility


Traders recognized by WOLFINANCE will have a naming strategy and type in the free text. They will have upload avatar options in the corresponding areas of each page. You do not need to disclose any personal information on these options. If the policy provider voluntarily uploads or publishes personal information about themselves on these options, be aware that such information will be visible to all users.


2. Use of micro-blogging service


When you use any of the Weibo services provided on the WOLFINANCE platform and posts/forwards/participates in topics such as Weibo, your user name and your published content will be visible to other users.



When you subscribe to the newsletter service, we will use your email address to send newsletter information and marketing information (providing or promoting our services), until you unsubscribe from the newsletter service. You can cancel the subscription newsletter service at any time by withdrawing WOLFINANCE's permission to send text messages in the future. If you no longer wish to receive any newsletter service, you can find the link at the end of each newsletter and click to cancel.


User rights

As a user, you have the right to request us to store personal information about you. In addition, you have the right to modify, block and delete your personal information in accordance with relevant laws. And, each user can refuse to use his own information for advertising or market/opinion survey purposes.


Information security

Your personal information is transmitted using SSL network data encryption technology. We use technical and organizational measures to protect the security of our application and other systems, prevent the loss, destruction, unauthorized reading, modification or disclosure of user information. Your account is only accessible if you enter your personal password correctly. You should always keep your password confidential, and each time you finish using our application, log out and then close the browser window, especially if you share a computer with others.


User information usage and transmission

1. We will only use the information you provide to us for the legitimate business purposes of this site. We do not provide your information to any third party.


2. In special circumstances, WOLFINANCE is legally obliged to provide your information to third parties. For example, in order to cooperate with government oversight agencies and law enforcement agencies that perform court orders or court requests, WOLFINANCE will provide relevant information as evidence or proof to ensure WOLFINANCE does not breach any relevant laws or regulations.


Use of cookies

1. To optimize our application, we use cookies (small text files). When you visit our application, we will store certain information in the form of "cookies" on your computer or other terminal device. Cookies can help us in many ways. For example, to improve the security of the site, determine the frequency of use of the site and the number of visitors, and analyze how users use our site. The use of cookies helps us to track the effectiveness of our advertising.


2. Session Cookies: When you use the username and password you set to log in to the application, we use Session Cookies. Session cookies will let application identify you during your visit, and when you end browsing our platform (the browser window closes), these session cookies will be deleted


3. Persistent Cookies: We will also use persistent cookies. The use of persistent cookies allows us to identify users who revisit our site, allowing us to continuously improve our products and provide you with a better service experience. These persistent cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. The information stored in cookies will not be matched with your personally identifiable information at any time.


4. Log-In Cookies: We use persistent cookies when you use the "Automatic login on this computer" feature. In this case, the Cookies file will be permanently stored on your computer's hard disk unless you manually remove it using your browser or operating system software. When you use the site again, the site will automatically log in by reading these cookies and knowing your relevant information. These cookies contain an ID number. Your login details and your password will not be saved.


5. Affiliate Cookies: We use cookies when you click to access our application through WOLFINANCE Partners’ ad placement. These cookies are used for the purpose of billing WOLFINANCE partners and do not contain any personally identifiable information. On the bill of invoices, the information that the partner who invited you to register on the WOLFINANCE platform is displayed only in an anonymous form; the partner cannot track you on the basis of the information provided.


6. Right of Objection: You can prevent cookies from being saved through your browser, use cookies to restrict certain websites or set a way for your browser to notify you when cookies are received, in order to prevent the use of cookies and to refuse to create usage profiles. You can also remove these cookies from your hard drive at any time, but please be aware that if you decline session cookies, you may not be able to use our platform.


Log file

Every time you log into any page of our application, the access data will be recorded in the server log file. The data set documented in the log file contains the following information:


Date/TimeStatusRequest sent from the browser to the serveramount of data transferred, and access source page


The product and version information of the browser used


We use the IIS Web Server standard "composite" log format as the record format. The user's Internet Protocol (IP) address will not be saved after the user ends up visiting our application, but will be deleted or anonymized after use (applicable to any legal retention principle). Anonymization means that the IP address is processed without certainty, that is, it is impossible to search and identify the visitor's personal identity through the data conditions of the relevant person or fact, unless a party invests a lot of time, effort and cost to identify the visitor's personal identity.


We will make anonymous statistical assessments of the log data (logs) and these data used for evaluation will not contain any attributes or signs that indicate your personal identity. The purpose of the assessment data is to understand the performance and effectiveness of our application. In addition, you can identify defects by using log files; for example, defective hyperlinks or program defects. Therefore, we use log files to achieve the sustainable development of our application. We do not associate the page access and usage information stored in the log file with personally identifiable information at any time. In certain exceptional circumstances, we reserve the right to use log file data when users are suspected of using our site and/or our services illegally or non-contractually.


Accessibility to this privacy policy

You can obtain or print this Privacy Policy from the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of any WOLFINANCE platform.


Applicable law and jurisdiction

1. The laws and regulations where the WOLFINANCE is registered shall govern disputes arising between parties to this Privacy Policy and this Privacy Policy, unless there are laws that specify that other jurisdiction laws apply.


2. In any civil or other litigation process where the contracting party seeks to realize the rights under this Privacy Policy or seek to declare any rights or obligations under this Privacy Policy, each contracting party shall bear the costs and expenses of its legal counsel. The contracting party (plaintiff) shall identify the suitable jurisdiction and court venue.


3. The language of interpretation of this Privacy Policy should be Chinese.


4. The company may provide this privacy policy or any other documents, information and messages to its partners in multiple languages. This Privacy Policy stipulates that the partner should recognize and confirm that the company's working language is Chinese. If there is any contradiction or inconsistency between the non-Chinese expression and the Chinese expression in any documents, information and messages, both parties will use Chinese documents, information and messages as the standard.